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SGC Junglefire Minutes To Midnight

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Junglefire Minutes To Midnight


Midnight was shown for the first time at Brigg (April 2010) as an 8 month old adult and gained her Champion title by being placed 2nd in an Allbreed ring judged by Vickie Shields. She was also best of breed Bengal in this ring beating some exceptional Bengals, including the 1 Bengal in the world for that show season.

Midnight gained many more finals between May and August.
.At the 1st ever regional show in Western Europe,(Aug28/29th)Midnight was Best Allbreed cat in Connie Webb's ring to gain her Supreme Grand Champion title and also best cat in Lindsey Wright's speciallity ring.

Midnight finalled 47 times, including 10 Best Cats to become the first black silver spotted Bengal to achieve a Supreme title in the UK and also the first adult black silver spotted Bengal to achieve a Regional win in the UK.

Midnight had the most amazing show season winning 2 cups at the BCCGB show and finishing the season as EW Best Bengal, 8th Allbreed cat and 4th Shorthair cat. She is also International 2nd best black silver spotted Bengal and EW best black silver spotted Bengal for the year 2011.



Regional Winner Champion Junglefire Prometheus

Theo had a fantastic weekend at the BCCGB show (Oct 2012)
He was best kitten in the Bengal kitten congress out of a class of 30 kittens. Over the weekend Theo finalled 11 times, including best allbreed kitten both days in Jean Marc Lagarde's ring. Theo got 6 more finals at the Cattica show (Oct 2012)Theo got 4 more finals at the Naturallytica show ( Nov 2012)Theo got 4 more finals, including a best kitten at his final kitten show Spoticat Dec 2012.
Theo got a 4th Speciallity final to gain his Champion title (Naturallytica Feb 2013) and will now stay at home with the ladies for a while as he is not enjoying the shows as much.
Theo finished the 2012/2013 show season as 15th Best Kitten in the Western Europe region. Theo is also 2nd best Bengal kitten and 2nd best seal silver mink spotted adult in Western Europe region 2012/2013.


Champion Wildcharm Urbanlegend of Junglefire


Urban attended his 1st show in Sept 2012.
Urban was 2nd best kitten in Lisa Dickie's ring on Saturday and best kitten on Sunday. At the BCCGB show( Oct 2012) Urban was 3rd in the Bengal kitten congress and 8th allbreed kitten in Vickie Shields ring on Sunday.

Urban attended his 1st adult show adult show ( Cattica Oct 27th)
and got 2 finals to gain his champion title.


Champion Junglefire Snowmantle of Realms


Frostie attended the BCCGB show (Oct 2012) and finalled as 8th SP cat in Sue Hart Jones ring on the Sunday to gain his champion final at just over 4 years old.
2nd best seal silver lynx spotted adult Bengal Western Europe region for 2012/1013.


Champion Junglefire Meteora


Tia attended a show ( RagtimeTica June 2012) at 1 year old and finalled as 10th Albreed cat in Connie Webb's ring to gain her Champion title. 3rd best black silver spotted Bengal Western Europe region 2012/2013.


Quad Grand Champion Junglefire Midnight Star


Star attended her first show and although she was rather shy achieved her Champion title at 8 months old. Star got 2 more finals including 4th Allbreed cat at the Regional show August 2011. Star got 1 more final at the BCCGB show ( Oct 2011)
She also got 1 allbreed final at Cattica (Oct 29th 2011)
Star got 3 Allbreed finals at Elsecar (Nov 27th 2011) to take her from Champion to Triple Grand. 2 more finals at Spoticat (Dec 2011) takes her to Quad Grand Champion.

Star has received awards for International 2nd Best Black Silver Spotted Tabby Bengal and EW Region Best Black Silver Spotted Tabby Bengal for the year 2012.

Photo by Robert Fox


Quad Grand Champion Alter Junglefire A Thousand Suns


Link is my lovely seal lynx boy that I couldn't bear to put outside so he was neutered and is being shown as an alter. At his first adult show he achieved 4 finals to become a Champion Alter and will hopefully go on to achieve more. Link got 2 more finals at the Regional show in August 2011 to gain his Grand Champion Alter title. 3 more finals at Swanley ( Sept 2011 ) takes him up to Double Grand Champion Alter. 3 more finals including 2 best alters takes Link to Triple Grand ChampionAlter
( BCCGB show Oct 2011) More points at Elsecar takes Link to Quad Grand Alter. Link features in the new DK cat breed guide book.

Photo by Robert Fox

CH Junglefire Hunters Moon

Double Grand Champion Junglefire Hunters Moon


Hunter was shown at the BCCGB show (Oct 2010) where he gained 4 finals over the weekend, including 7th best Bengal kitten in the congress.He was very relaxed and took it all in his stride. Hunter attended the RagtimeTica show in Peterborough (Jan 15th/16th 2011) and gained 2 Allbreed finals and 2 Speciallity finals to earn his Champion title. Hunter went on to gain more finals at his next 2 shows to achieve Double Grand Champion.

Hunter received the award for EW Region 2nd Best Black Silver Spotted Tabby Bengal for the year 2011.


Photo courtesy of Steven Robertson.


Grand Champion Alter Junglefire Silver Spirit


Junglefire Silver Spirit a.k.a Sam made his debut on the show circuit at Elsecar (Nov 27th 2011) at exactly 8 months old and finalled in 4 of the 6 rings to gain his Champion Alter title.
2 more allbreed finals at Brigg secures his Grand Champion Alter title.

Many thanks to his owners Phil and Joanne Peat for showing him.

Junglefire New Moon

Champion Junglefire New Moon of Hot Fuzz


Jake attended his 1st show at just 4 months old.He was best Bengal kitten in Lisette de Landtsheer's ring and gained a 5th place in the Allbreed kitten final out of 35 kittens, and an 8th place in Lindsey Wright's Speciality kitten final out of 25 kittens. Swanley (Aug 14th) Both judges were very complimentary about him.He was a little bit shy but relaxed more as the day went on. Many thanks to the judges. Basia took Jake to the Elsecar show (Nov 2010) where he gained 2 more kitten finals.

Jake has been finalled twice as an adult to achieve his Champion title.



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