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Supreme Grand Champion Wildsidebengals Jadis of Junglefire
SGC Wildsdebengals Jadis of Junglefire

Jade being judged in the female congress(Coontica) April 2007. She went on to win Best Cat in this ring to achieve her Supreme Grand Champion title. She placed in 4 further finals over the 2 day show. Grateful thanks to the judges, especialy to Vickie Shields who awarded the best cat to give her the title of Supreme Grand Champion.

TICA SGC Wildsidebengals Jadis of Junglefire finalled in every ring at her first show, the BCCGB show ( March 2006) Jade finalled in 3 of the 4 rings at the Coontica Easter Purrade Show (April 2006) as 2nd best Allbreed kitten in ring 1. 5th best Allbreed kitten in ring 2. & 9th best Allbreed kitten in ring 3. Jade was 2nd best Allbreed cat in ring 2 and 6th best Allbreed cat in ring 1at the Cattica Summer Sizzler Show (July 2006) to become Champion Jade finalled in 2 Allbreed and 2 speciallity rings at the Coontica show (August 2006)to take her to Double Grand Champion. Jade finalled in 3 rings at the BCCGB Show (Oct 2006) 1 Allbreed, 1 Speciality & in 4th place in the Bengal Congress to gain her Quad Grand Champion title in 3 shows. 3rd Best Bengal Kitten Northern Europe Region 2006 Best Seal Mink Spotted Tabby Bengal of the Year 2007.



Outstanding Dam Quad Grand Champion Junglefrost Milady Dwinter

QGC Junglefrost Milady Dwinter

At her 1st adult show at 8 months old Winter finalled in 2 speciality & 2 allbreed rings to gain her Grand Champion title.She was best Bengal in all 4 rings also. At the Cattica show (June 2007)She collected enough points added to her previous finals to gain her Double Grand Champion title. at only 9 months old.Winter finalled as 5th Best Cat in the Tabby Congress at the Spoticat show (Dec 2007)to gain her Triple Grand Champion title. Winter gained 4 finals at the Naturally Tica show (Nov 2008) to take her to Quad Grand Champion. I would like to thank the judges who have finalled her.

Winter received the award for NW Region 2nd Best Black Silver Spotted Tabby Bengal for the year 2008 and the award for NW Region Best Black Silver Spotted Tabby Bengal for the year 2009.

Quad Grand Champion Wildcharm Titans Moons
QGC Wildcharm Titans Moons


Titan was shown in the Northwest region and was the regions 2nd Best Bengal kitten for the show year 2007/2008. He attended 4 shows in the region and gained his Quad Grand Champion title in 3 shows making 19 finals in all. Titan was retired from showing shortly after he arrived in the UK and is siring stunning kittens with amazing rosettes and type.

Champion Junglefire Neon Tiger
Champion Junglefire Neon Tiger


Tiger was shown for the 1st time at Elsecar on November 14th and was placed as 5th best allbreed female in a final, judged by Pascal Remy, to gain her Champion title at just 8 months old. Many thanks to the judge.

Champion Niteo Junglefire Chance Encounter
bengal champion


Chancer was shown twice as a kitten and gained 2 2nd best kitten finals. At his 1st adult show he became a Tica Champion at 8 months old at the BCCGB show ( Oct 2008) We only attended 1 day of this show and he gained 2 finals, 1 as 3rd best allbreed cat in ring 3 and 1 as 5th best adult Bengal in the Congress. My thanks to the judges.As he matured he decided he would rather stay at home with the ladies where he is siring some beautiful kittens, including the stunning young lady below.


ChampionJunglefire Fiorella of Giradelle
Junglefire Fiorella of Giradelle

Fiorella attended her 1st show (15th August 09)at 5 months old and was Best Bengal kitten in 2 rings and then gained 2 finals as 2nd Best speciality kitten and 3rd Best Allbreed kitten. At her 2nd show (19th Sept 09) Fiorella gained 3 more Allbreed kitten finals. Fiorella gained an allbreed final at her 1st adult show and a Speciality final at her 2nd show to earn her Tica Champion title .Many thanks to Caroline for showing her and to the judges who finalled her.

Champion AlterLelaurier Dancingstorm
CHA Lelaurier Dancingstorm
Storm is our Selkirk Rex alter boy bred by Claire Norman. He keeps his best friend Junglefire 30 seconds To Mars company most of the time but accompanied Tiger to the show at Elsecar and gained his Champion Alter title.
Champion Korshki Fantasy Art
Champion Korshki Fantasy Art
Korshki Fantasy Art a.k.a Fancy finalled as 6th best Allbreed cat in ring 2 at the Coontica show(June 2007)To gain her Tica Champion title.She was Best Bengal in this ring.
Champion Junglefire Helm
bengal male


Helm became a Tica Champion at the Spoticat Show ( May 2007)after finalling in ring 4. He was 2nd best Bengal in this ring and 10th best shorthair cat. Along with the points collected in the other 4 rings he achieved his title.


Quad Grand Champion Junglefire Towanreef Storm
Junglefire Bengal cat

Junglefire Towanreef Storm a.k.a Storm lives in Scotland with my friend Tracey.He is a stud cat but also enjoys life as a very pampered boy with his own ladies. He attended the 1st Tica Show held in Scotland( 3rd Jan 2009) at 8 months old and gained his Champion title as 2nd best Allbreed cat out of 73 in Donna Gonyea -Madison's ring. He also received points in colour and division in several rings and was Best Bengal in the above ring and 2nd best in another. Storm gained more finals (July 09) to gain his Grand Champion title. Storm finalled in every ring at the show (Aug 1st 2009) including 2 Best cats to take him up to Quad Grand Champion.

Well done Storm and Tracey


Quad Grand Champion Junglefire Hot Pursuit
bengal cat

Junglefire Hot Pursuit a.k.a Leon is owned by my good friend Lynne Hedlund and is a stud cat. He finalled twice in an allbreed ring at the UK Tica Alliance show (May 2008) to gain his Champion title. Leon gained 3 further finals at the UK Tica Alliance show (July 2008)& another at the show (August 2008) to take him to Triple Grand Champion. Another 4 finals at the BCCGB show ( Oct 2008) including a 2nd best cat secured his Quad Grand Champion title.

Many thanks to Lynne for showing him.




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