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Show Results 2004 - 2006

Quad Grand Champion Amberwood Hot Wired of Junglefire
QGC Amberwood Hot Wired of Junglefire
TICA QGC Amberwood Hot Wired of Junglefire finalled in 4 out of 5 rings at the BCCGB show (October 2006) and gained enough points to become a Grand Champion at his 1st show. Red finalled in 5 rings at the Spoticat show ( Dec 2006), including 3 as Best Cat. 1 more final and enough points at the Cattica show at Kings Heath takes him to Quad Grand Champion in 3 shows.
Champion Junglefire Shadowfax
CH Junglefire Shadowfax

Shady became a TICA Champion at the CATTICA Moonlight and Roses show at Derby on 11th February 2006. He achieved 2nd Best Bengal Adult in ring 1 & 3rd Best Bengal Adult in rings 2 & 5. Shady finalled as 6th best Allbreed cat in Ring 2 at the Coontica Easter Purrade Show (April 2006 ) and was 3rd best Bengal in ring 1. Shady received an Award Of Excellence as Best Seal Spotted Lynx (Tabby) Bengal Northern Europe Region 2006



Quad Grand Champion Alter Junglefire Ice Breaker
QGCA Junglefire Ice Breaker

Junglefire Ice Breaker a.k.a Cirrus TICA Quad Grand Champion Alter. He became a Champion Alter at the Cattica Romana show ( July 2005). He achieved Best Shorthair Alter in 2 rings at Leatherhead (Sept 2005) to become a Grand Champion Alter. He became a Double Grand Champion Alter at Derby ( February 2006 ) Ice Breaker is now a Triple Grand Champion Alter Cattica Summer Sizzler Show ( July 2006 ) Ice Breaker is now a Quad Grand Champion Alter Cattica Show (Oct 2006) Thanks to Claire Norman for showing him


Champion Junglefire Whiteshadows
CH Junglefire Whiteshadows


TICA CH Junglefire Whiteshadows a.k.a Apple. Tica's 2nd Best Seal Marbled Lynx(Tabby) Point Bengal of The Year 2006. Apple is owned by Lynne Hedlund, Springmeadow Bengals


Champion Junglefire Snowdrift
Champion JUunglefire Snowdrift

Drifter became a Champion at the very first Tica show Kevin and I attended in April 2005.( The Cattica April Showers Show) It was so exciting and so nerve wracking. The last final of the day we had packed up and were ready to leave when his number went up above 1 of the ring pens. Drifter was also shown with the GCCF and was a merit winner at the Notts & Derby, Jan 2005 & Cam Cat March 2005



Junglefire Mari
Junglefire Mari


Best of Variety Female Neuter at the Bengal Cat Club Show( July 2005)


Junglefire Chynagirl
Junglefire Chynagirl


Best Snow Marble Kitten at the Bengal Cat Club of GB Show ( October 2004 )Thanks to Ms J Llewellyn -Jones - Niteo Bengals, for showing her. Chynagirl also won her Merit at the Supreme Cat Show ( November 2004 )


Junglefire Strider
Junglefire Strider


Best in Show Male Kitten at The Bengal Cat Club Show (July 2004). Best Brown Marble Male Kitten at the Ocicat and Bengal Cat Club Show ( October 2004) Best Brown Marble Adult Male & Best Brown Marble Adult at the Bengal Cat Club Show (July 2005) Thanks to Mr & Mrs Tribak for showing him.





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