Junglefire Return To Oz



Dot is a lovely silver spotted/ rosetted girl from Junglefire Breaking Dawn a.k.a Edward and Junglefire Mortal Instrument aka Clary
Junglefire Breaking Dawn Junglefire Cloud Atlas Eriador Sundancekid of Junglefire
Kiabindhi Crystal Champagne
Poshpaws Twilight of Junglefire QGC Bluewater It's A Steel of Poshpaws
CH Poshpaws Metallica
Junglefire Mortal Instrument Silversafari Avatar Silversafari The Gov
Wildsire Yangming
RW SGC Junglefire Minutes To Midnight QGC Wildcharm Titans Moons
OD QGC Junglefrost Milady Dwinter


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