Pet Contract

(Non-Active Register)

Breeder : Liz Slater Junglefire Bengals

New owner:
Date of birth:
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Buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for the kitten and providing properly for its welfare. This includes:
1) Keeping the kitten/cat in a clean and pleasant environment
2) Providing proper nutrition
3) Providing all necessary veterinary care to maintain its good health
4)Spending time to cuddle and play with the kitten.
5) Allowing adequate time for the kitten to settle in to his/her new home.
This can take up a month and takes time and patience, although most kittens settle very quickly.

 Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary bills of this kitten after it leaves Seller's residence.
Health Guarantee:
My kittens are vet checked and vaccinated twice with Purevax RCP. They have been wormed regularly, are litter trained and have 4 weeks free insurance with Pet plan. The kitten is guaranteed to be in good health when it leaves me.

If the kitten is found to be in unsound health by a Veterinary Surgeon within 72 hours of leaving the breeders premises the kitten shall be returned at buyer’s expense and the buyer may request a replacement with another kitten of equal quality when one becomes available.. "Unsound health" shall be defined as any condition which is "life threatening or "incurable" and shall not include curable conditions or infections such as colds, virus, bacterial infections or skin rashes. If there is a minor problem and you choose to have it attended by your vet, then that will be at your expense. If you have other cats, I also suggest you place the new arrival in quarantine during this time and follow the advice of your own Veterinarian in regard to the length of the quarantine period. You, or your Veterinarian, shall report to the Seller any medical problem within the guarantee period.

If the kitten/cat should die due to congenital defect (may not be apparent in early life) within the first 12 months it will be replaced with a kitten of comparable quality and value when available. A post mortem is required to verify the cause of death.
The kitten described above shall not be used for breeding purposes. The kitten will be registered with TICA on the Non-Active register. This is a condition that this kitten must never under any circumstances be bred from when he/she reaches adult age.
The kitten has been purchased as a pet and must be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age.

Junglefire Bengals agrees to provide registration papers for this kitten upon presentation of a veterinarian's certificate of spaying/neuter.The kitten shall not be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop or research establishment.

No cash refunds are offered. It is strongly recommended that insurance is continued.

The purchaser agrees to and understands the above conditions :
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