Junglefire Kittens

Last updated 11th May 2022

Junglefire Atlantis x Junglefire Black Swan

Litter of 7 silver kittens 3 boys and 4 girls

D.O.B 17/02/22

Photos taken at 24 days old, 7 weeks old and 11 weeks old. More photos to come.

They have had their 1st vet checks and vaccinations

junglefire bengal kittens
junglefire bengal kittens
junglefire bengal kitten
junglefire bengal kittens
Silver girl on hold
Nina and kittens at 7 weeks old
junglefire bengal kittens
junglefire bengal kittens
Nina's kittens at 7 weeks old
Nina boy 1 and Nina boy 2 at 11 weeks old
junglefire bengal kittens
Nina girl 1 at 11 weeks old

Junglefire Blade Runner x Junglefire Adiscoveryofwitches

Litter of 3 rosetted kittens 1 boy and 2 girls
2 seal silver mink kittens 1 boy and 1 girl and 1 silver girl
D.O.B 05/03/22

Photos taken at 9 days and 20 days old. More to come soon
They have had their 1st vet checks and vaccinations


junglefire bengal kittens
junglefire bengal kittens
junglefire bengal kittens

Junglefire Atlantis x Junglefire Siren

Litter of 4 rosetted kittens 3 girls and 1 boy.
2 silver girls, 1 seal silver lynx girl reserved and 1 cool brown boy

D.O.B 05/03/22

Photos at 20 days old. More to come soon.

They have had their 1st vet checks and vaccinations

junglefire bengal kittens
junglefire bengal kittens

Junglefire Atlantis x Junglefire Stelmaria

3 rosetted kittens 2 boys and 1 girl

D.O.B 17/03/22

Photos taken at 8 days old

junglefire bengals kittens
junglefire bengal kittens
Junglefire bengals play area
The Kitten Room.
The play area

Kittens often get sold very quickly,depending on the time of year, so if you would like to be put on the kitten waiting list
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please Note - I cannot hold a kitten indefinitely without a deposit.

Available - means this kitten is available so please enquire.
Under evaluation - this kitten is being evaluated as to whether it is breed/show quality.
The kitten may still be offered as an exceptional quality pet.
Please enquire for availability.
Pending - means I am waiting for a deposit but the kitten may still become available.
Please enquire.
Reserved - A deposit has been received. No longer available.
Keeper - means this kitten is staying here for my breeding programme. Not available.


My queens have their babies in our house,
(either in a bedroom, normally mine or the kitten room .)

We also have purpose built outdoor play areas where they can go on nice days.

They get lots of handling and attention and are well socialised
when they leave for their new homes.
I only have a limited number of kittens available at a time to ensure this.
I believe in quality not quantity, although there are always more born in Spring.

Bengal cats are very lively and like attention. They get into all sorts of mischief and are very entertaining. If you want a cat that talks to you and wants to interact with you, then a Bengal may be the breed for you.

My kittens are registered with TICA.( The International Cat Association.), wormed regularly, vet checked twice & vaccinated against cat flu & enteritis.
They are flea treated just before collection.
All the kittens go to their new homes with a breeders signed pedigree,advise leaflet, vaccination record, food samples & 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan.
Kittens do not leave for their new homes until they have received their full course of vaccinations. In line with Tica guidelines the earliest they go is 14 weeks.


If you are interested please email or call for further details.
Please me aware that our mobile signal is poor as we live in a rural area.

Email junglefire@yahoo.com

or ring me on 01406 330052 or 07894 128057.

Please enquire if you are interested in a kitten from this years litters.
I am happy to keep your name on a waiting list.

I also occasionally have retired adults for rehoming at a nominal fee. Retired adults will be neutered and vaccinations and worming up to date.

Pet prices are from £600 - £800 depending on quality, coat pattern and colour. Older kittens i.e over 8 months are sometimes priced lower for the right home. Please enquire on individual kittens.

A deposit of £100 secures a pet kitten. Please enquire regarding payment.

Kittens that are sold for pets and/or showing are on the NON ACTIVE register and must be spayed/neutered by 7 months.
Registration slips will be withheld until written proof is received from your vet.
see pet contract



Tel: 01406 330052
email: junglefire@yahoo.com

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