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RW CH Junglefire Prometheus and RW SGC Junglefire Minutes To Midnight

Experienced UK hobby breeder of quality brown, silver, silver snow and snow rosetted and occasionally marbled Bengals. Concentrating on rosetted Bengals with excellent type & temperament plus a look of the wild which sets them apart from any other breed.

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RW SGC Junglefire Minutes To Midnight

1st silver Bengal to achieve the Supreme title in the UK

SGC JUnglefire Minutes To Midnight silver rosetted bengal cat

My cats have many titled ancestors, including Supreme Grand Champions in their pedigrees.


Breeder of the following Tica Champions:

  • Junglefire Minutes To Midnight -RW Supreme Grand Champion
  • Junglefire A Thousand Suns - Quad Grand Champion Alter
  • Junglefire Divergent - Champion
  • Junglefire Frozen - Champion
  • Junglefire Magnus Bane - Champion
  • Cupcakefromthehill - RW Supreme Grand Master
  • Junglefrost Milady Dwinter -Outstanding Dam Quad Grand Champion
  • Junglefire Midnight Star - Quad Grand Champion
  • Junglefire Ice Breaker - Quad Grand Champion Alter
  • Junglefire Hot Pursuit - Quad Grand Champion
  • Junglefire Towanreef Storm - Quad Grand Champion
  • Junglefire Hunters Moon - Double Grand Champion
  • Junglefire Silver Spirit - Grand Champion Alter
  • Junglefire Prometheus - RW Champion
  • Junglefire New Moon of Hotfuzz - Champion
  • Junglefire Fiorella of Giradelle- Champion
  • Junglefire Helm - Champion
  • Junglefire Whiteshadows - Champion
  • Junglefire Snowdrift -Champion
  • Junglefire Neon Tiger - Champion
  • Junglefire Shadowfax - Champion
  • Junglefire Snowmantle of Realms - Champion
  • Junglefire Meteora - Champion

Previously part of the breeding programme:

  • Amberwood Hot Wired of Junglefire - Quad Grand Champion
  • Korshki Fantasy Art - Champion
  • Wildcharm Titans Moons - Quad Grand Champion
  • Niteo Junglefire Chance Encounter - Champion
  • Wildsidebengals Jadis of Junglefire - Supreme Grand Champion
  • Wildcharm Urbanlegend of Junglefire - Champion

Health checks - My breeding cats have been tested for PKdef or are from tested parents. Any carriers will be bred to normal cats to ensure no kitten has PK deficiency. I am in the process of testing all my cats for PRA-b. No carriers of PRA-b will be bred together so no kittens will be born with PRA-b.




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